INGEDE — The Organisation's Policy


1. Purpose and Objective of INGEDE e. V.

As a non-profit organisation the statutory purpose and objective of INGEDE e. V. are to contribute to maintaining and improving the recyclability of graphic printed products. The organisation carries out this mandate mainly by means of the following:

• Making environmentally compatible and efficient use of recovered paper in the production chain;
• encouraging, promoting, and coordinating research and development projects in the area of deinking technology and in technologies which have a substantial bearing on the recyclability of printed products such as those relating to papermaking, printing inks, printing systems, adhesives and their application, etc.;
• encouraging manufacturers, developers and users of printing inks, printability aids, and adhesives for the paper chain, to maintain and improve the recyclability of printed products containing such materials;
• encouraging the development of systems for the collection and sorting of recovered graphic paper which facilitate recovery and that focus on the advantages of recycling;
• raising awareness among consumers for the environmental and cost advantages involved, e.g. by pre-sorting recovered paper;
• bringing influence to bear on the development of regulatory requirements and environmental legislation in Europe;
• pursuing public relations activities in Europe in order to create an awareness for the requirements of the deinking paper industry both among the public at large and decision-makers.

2. Strategy

In its efforts to promote recyclability INGEDE is increasingly focusing its research activities on supporting its external relations activities:

•   Communications to and with the paper chain

•   Publications, symposia, press conferences

•   Lobbying activities in Europe

INGEDE events are increasingly oriented to external audiences in order to secure closer interaction, based on scientific expertise, between publishers, printers, bookbinders, waste managers, the supply industry and relevant decision-makers within the political communities by organising seminars and workshops as well as taking part in adequate events.

INGEDE promotes the international debate on recyclability by stimulating discussion with all stakeholders involved in the paper chain.

INGEDE will be the driving force for the European paper industry associations in professional questions about paper recycling by supporting CEPI and national paper associations through its technological knowledge on paper recovery and recyclability.

3. Activities

The members of INGEDE identify research topics of their common interest and have these studied by powerful research institutions in Europe.

INGEDE develops and implements procedures for testing recyclability, recovered paper quality and the deinking process. This can also mean involvement in standardisation committees if appropriate.

INGEDE observes relevant research activities financed from third parties and gives technical input to the work.

INGEDE informs its members about current developments in the fields of waste management, paper recycling, deinking technology and in all relevant aspects of the paper chain, e.g. digital printing, adhesives, sorting of recovered paper.

INGEDE informs the members of the paper chain and the public about the needs of a closed
product cycle for graphic papers.

INGEDE promotes communication between and among its members by means of regular information bulletins, technical working groups, expert forums,

INGEDE releases an own publication and contributes to scientific and trade journals.

INGEDE cooperates with the other members of the paper chain in dealing with recycling issues in product design, manufacturing processes and the selection of raw materials and additives.

INGEDE promotes separate collection of graphic papers in regions with less suitable recovery systems and in countries with low recovery rates.

These activities are executed by representation in working groups and committees on national and European level as well as by giving presentations at conferences and symposia.

Areas of Research and Technical Work

• Criteria for Recyclability
Measurement and testing methods
Orientation values for recyclability of printed products
Assessment of new printing inks, adhesives, etc.
Evaluation of new printing methods, etc.

• Quality of Recovered Paper
Suitability of collection systems
Quality of sorted recovered paper
Assessment of automatic sorting systems

• Process Technology

• Environmental Issues

4. Achievements

INGEDE has become the voice of the deinking paper industry in Europe and beyond. Through its expertise INGEDE makes numerous organisations aware of issues in paper recycling and recyclability.

INGEDE has completed over 90 research projects (as of November 2005). The findings of those are available also in electronic format.

INGEDE has developed 13 methods for assessing recyclability and made these publicly accessible via internet.

INGEDE has become a prime source of specialist information on deinking and recycling issues, making its expertise available to both the industry and the interested public.

INGEDE maintains a presence in the printed media and the internet.

INGEDE is a stakeholder and will be a signatory in the new European Declaration on Paper Recovery.

Chairman: Dr. Ulrich Höke
Stora Enso Sachsen GmbH

Managing Director: Andreas M. Faul
Gerokstr 40, 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Tel. +49 (7142) 375-2222, Fax +49 (7142) 375-2220


Public Relations: Axel Fischer
Oetztaler Str 5 B, 81373 München, Germany
Tel. +49 (89) 769-2332
Fax +49 (89) 769-2338




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